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Midwest Pets For Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to assisting the elderly, the disabled, the homebound, and low-income pet owners in times of need by offering pet retention programs, services and education, while implementing sustainable programs and services that enhance companion animal ownership.

No one should have to surrender their pets to a humane society or city “pound” simply due to adverse temporary problems. Some of these situations include an inability to afford the pet’s food, spay/neuter surgery and wellness checkups, upheaval during owner relocation, owner hospitalization, transportation or inability to provide adequate care. This is no reason to surrender the pet when Midwest Pets for Life can help keep pets and their families together.

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Join our Board of Directors

If you would like to join our board of directors, please complete the application in its entirety and submit via email.

Articles of Incorporation

If you would like to review our Articles of Incorporation, they can be viewed by clicking the button below.


Our Midwest Pets For Life Brochure can also be viewed online.



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Adopting a Cat

Interested in adopting a cat from Midwest Pets For Life?


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