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No one should have to surrender their beloved pets simply due to adverse temporary situations, some of which include an inability to afford the pet’s food, spay/neuter surgery and wellness checkups, upheaval during owner relocation, owner hospitalization, transportation or inability to provide adequate care. This is no reason to surrender the pet when Midwest Pets For Life can help keep pets with the families who love and need them most.


If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity for Midwest Pets For Life, there are many categories available and we always look forward to welcoming new volunteers to help with our many programs, fundraisers, etc.

Find local shelters to surrender a pet or stray animal. Look at different organizations to adopt a pet.

We have programs in place to help with education on re-homing and adoption, low-cost spaying and neutering, quarterly wellness clinics, emergency in-home care, and M*A*S*H* (Moving Animals Home Safely).

Midwest Pets for Life keeps striving through your donations.  Please donate to help us help the animals in need. We are also working towards getting a new building to provide shelter and adoptions to local animals.

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