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We are aware that simple behavior problems too often result in permanent displacement of your companion animal. we receive calls on a weekly basis regarding these issues. with the proper tools, education, time and commitment, most problems can be overcome and pet ownership can continue. problems we have encountered include but are not limited to: Not using the litterbox Clawing furniture and people Spraying Picky eating Obsessive barking Aggressive play Marking Submissive urination Chewing Separation anxiety Crate training We will use resources that are available to us to help you through the retraining process one step at a time, one day at a time. we all know that at times, even with the best of efforts, it becomes impossible to maintain ownership of that beloved pet. when this occurs, we can assist with the re-homing/ adoption process. we will do our best to secure a wonderful furever home for your pet. when available, foster homes may be used to streamline this re-homing/ adoption process. we have encountered many different situations and are proud to say that not only have we been successful in keeping families and their pets together, our re-homing/ adoption efforts have yielded 100% placement into new, loving, forever homes!

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